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MultiMode8 Upgrade/ Trade-In

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Product #: MultiMode8 Upgrade/ Trade-In

Almost any operational MultiMode can be upgraded to the very latest functionality of the new MultiMode 8. This upgrade enables many new software features and hardware accessories that were not possible on earlier generation MultiMode AFMs. This upgrade is available for both MultiMode V systems (based on the NanoScope V controller) and MultiMode systems based on older legacy NanoScope controllers (e.g. NS3,NS3a, NS3D, NSIV).

Recent Bruker innovations now available with the MultiMode 8 include:

  • „„-Makes operation easier for both expert and novice users with automatic scan optimization„„
  • -Delivers tremendously easier operation in liquid, with no need to “tune” the cantilever and no setpoint drift
  • „„-Enables direct quantitative mapping of nanoscale sample modulus and adhesion„„Provides unambiguous and non-destructive property mapping on a wide range of sample types

Fast Scanning for the MultiMode®„„

  • -Offers 20X faster survey scans and 6X faster scans at no loss of resolution in air with ScanAsyst-HR
  • „„-Renders the highest resolution quantitative surface potential imaging with PeakForce KPFM™„„Provides high-resolution, non-destructive, quantitative conductivity mapping with PeakForce TUNA™

New Service Contract Programs

  • „„-Replace older NanoScope® controllers at or near the end of service life„„
  • -Keep your MultiMode running long into the future

Turnkey Glovebox Solution

  • -Supplies sub-ppm water and oxygen control for organic photovoltaics, battery research, and other applications
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